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Afrotrade June Issue Inaugural by Chief Guest at MEDEXPO AFRICA 2016

Afrotrade Issue Inaugural at MEDEXPO AFRICA 2016

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Tanzanian Government is financing a lot of different health care development projects

In its endeavor to accommodate to the current and future needs of the East Africa’s citizens and develop the East Africa’s health care sector in terms of quality, standards and the....  Read More »

Posted on : Tuesday , 13th June 2017

World's First Malaria Vaccine to be Tested in Africa

Programs beginning next year in Ghana, Malawi and Kenya will test the vaccine's effectiveness in children. The trial was announced ahead of World Malaria Day (25.04.2017).   A pilot program....  Read More »

Posted on : Friday , 28th April 2017

Tanzania to Send 500 Doctors to Kenya to Ease Health Strike Burden

Tanzania has announced a plan to send 500 doctors to Kenya after a doctors' strike paralyzed health services in the neighboring country for months. Kenyan doctors, however, say the government should....  Read More »

Posted on : Thursday , 23rd March 2017

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