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Shalom Health Care will invest a total of $250 Million in the construction of a medical equipment manufacturing plant in Hawassa.

Posted on : Friday , 7th July 2023


Shalom Health Care, a private limited company, broke ground in Hawassa, Ethiopia, on a USD 250 million medical equipment manufacturing plant. The plant, which is expected to be finished in two years, will create 5,000 jobs and reduce the country's reliance on imported medical equipment.


Dr. Winta Mehari, CEO of the company, stated that the plant would manufacture a wide range of medical equipment, including syringes, needles, IV bags, masks and gloves. Shalom intends to sell its goods in East Africa and other parts of the world.


The factory, according to Sidama Regional State President Desta Ledamo, would be a significant boost to Ethiopia's economy. He stated that it would generate foreign currency, create jobs, and help to improve the country's healthcare system.


The plant is being constructed on a 10-hectare site near Hawassa International Airport. The Sidama Regional Government provided the land.


Source : www.etnewsnow.com
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