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Tanzania - New Health Experts To Boost Healthcare Services

Posted on : Tuesday , 17th December 2019

Tanzania's healthcare sector is set to benefit from the fresh entry of 500 health experts who have successfully graduated from the Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU).


It is an important addition to the understaffed health sector, with the new professionals expected to bridge the health worker gap.


Speaking during the 17th graduation ceremony held in Dar es Salaam, Prof Mgone said the new graduates have acquired the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies to effectively play their role in the country's health sector.


They will be posted to different parts of the country with high demand to develop services and Prof Mgone commended the health experts to observe professional ethics.


He said the country requires competent health professionals who abide by the rules and regulations and prioritize public safety.


HKMU Acting Chancellor, John Ulanga underlined the value of qualified and committed health workers in improving healthcare delivery.


"Health challenges will be solved by efficient, committed and qualified health workers, so HKMU is committed to even improve its curricula to cope with the ever-changing needs in the health sector," she said.


The chancellor also said the graduands should be ready to cope with changing perspectives of many Tanzanians, largely influenced by social networks thrust.


"We are happy that each year we produce graduates who are joining the workforce to serve Tanzanians. We encourage them to be ethical and professional when delivering services," he noted.


Of the new graduates, 211 were men and 298 women, which represented a 55 percent rise from last year's 230 output.


32 were conferred with certificate of nursing, 210 leavers received Diploma in Nursing, and 56 graduated in Bachelor of Science in nursing while 201 were conferred with a degree in Human Medicine.


Meanwhile, 10 graduates were conferred with a Master's of Science in Public Health, Medicine and Social work.


The HKMU Vice-Chancellor said the college has been taking measures to improve the quality of training offered at the university.


He revealed that over the past year, nine academic staff were employed with a view to address the existing shortage.

Source : newzmart
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